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Do you find yourself in the same place compared to when your condition first started?  Are you worried about whether your situation can change? 

We know how to guide you to where you want to go. It is our privilege to provide the path to help you achieve your functional goals for life!

We welcome you, are waiting to listen to you, and look forward to being your partner towards your desired destination!

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question! Here Is How We Are Different:

  1. We Are Mobile, Bringing Expert Care To Your Doorstep Or Via Telehealth, Saving You Time In Getting Ready And Travel Time To A Location. We Save You Money By Decreasing Overall Visits. Our Care Is Laser-Focused One-On-One Care For A Full 60 Minutes.  
  2. At A Brick-And-Mortar Clinic And As A Non-Medicare Patient, You May See A Therapist Or Chiropractor For Maybe 20 Minutes Before Being Handed Off To Somebody Who Is Not Qualified To Provide Care Outside Of Passive Care (Ice, E-Stim, Ultrasound, Laser). Either Way, You’re Not Learning How To Proactively Get Better To The Fullest Extent, Which Ultimately Determines When It Is Appropriate For Any Treatment To Be Stopped. Less Focused Care Equals More Visits And More Of Your Money Being Spent. Because You Were Not Thoroughly Taught How To Be Independent To Prevent Re-Injury, You Will Spend More Money In The Future On The Same Issue.
  3. Our Goal Is To Get You Back To Life As Quickly As Possible By Teaching You How To Be Independent Starting Day 1. Your Body Can Heal Itself If Given The Right Exercises And Guidance. Instead Of Fishing For You, We Teach You How To Fish.

Absolutely! Texas Law Allows Patients To Have Direct Access To Qualified Physical Therapists For Evaluation And Treatment For The First 10-15 Business Days. To Continue With Mobile Spine Specialist Beyond That Will Require A Signed Referral From Your Physician.

As Our Name Suggests, MSS Is On The Go!  We Care About You And Value Your Trust In Us To Address Your Health Needs. 

If We Are In The Middle Of Treating Someone, We Will Get Back To You The Same Day You Call (If Before 4:00 P.m.) To Discuss Your Musculoskeletal Or Vestibular Issues, Our Plan Of Care, And Answer Your Questions.

We Are Here For You!

In This Covid-19 Climate, All Therapists Have Been Vaccinated, And All In-Person Visits Will Have The Proper Precautions As Recommended By The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

You As Well Will Need To Take The Same Precautions Of Wearing A Mask And Hand Sanitization. We Can Accommodate Outside Space Such As A Patio, Balcony, Or Open Garage For Treatment For All Patients. 

All In-Person Treatments, Whether Evaluation Or Follow-Up Visits Are 60 Minutes.  After Making Direct Contact With Your Therapist Via Email Or Phone, We Will Provide A Link To Set Up A Patient Account Through A Patient Portal By Email.  A Patient Portal Will Access Your Account To Receive Your Treatment Success Documents For You To Complete.  All Other Patient Notification Documents Will Be Sent From Your Therapist’s Company Email To Be DocuSigned By You.  

After You Fill Out Your Forms And Surveys And Send Them Back Via The Portal And Your Email, They Will Be Reviewed, By Your Therapist, Before Your Scheduled Appointment.   

A Follow-Up Appointment Reminder Email Or Text Message Will Be Sent After An Appointment Has Been Made And Confirmed.  Your Therapist Will Send Another Reminder Text 45 Minutes Before Your Visit. 

Your Therapist Will Arrive At Your Home Or Requested Location At The Designated Time.  An Area That Measures 7 Ft. By 13 Ft. Will Be Needed To Take Measurements, Evaluate, And Perform Exercises Comfortably.  Evaluation Will Include: A Meet And Greet, History Taking, Physical/Movement Deficit Exam, Objective Measurements, Provision Of A Care Plan, And A Tailored Home Program To Begin The Independent Management Process. 

We Will Perform A Charge To Your Credit Card On File In Our Secure Electronic Medical Record System That We Contract With And Will Immediately Send A Paid Invoice To You Via Email

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