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Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance

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Like any new skill, discipline and practice are key. We often find that overcoming mental obstacles leads the way to the physical recovery. Let us help you get onto that right path!​

What is Encountered?

We often hear or use the term dizziness to include different descriptions of how we are feeling with our balance.

Do any of these descriptions describe you?

  • I feel like the room is spinning and I am nauseous after my head moves a certain way.
  • When I walk or move around it feels as if I am off-balance, like I am slightly intoxicated but I did not have anything to drink.
  • I feel like I am going to pass out when I exert myself or just about at any random time.

Each statement describes dizziness but in a different scenario that requires its own unique treatment to help resolve the issue

(Note: if you are experiencing the last statement, see your physician RIGHT AWAY for an evaluation).

A physical therapy examination can help to determine the potential cause of what you are experiencing and direct you to where you need to go.

How Do You Benefit From Our Help?

Mobile Spine Specialist can help you navigate your dizzy episodes and imbalance towards the quickest path to resolution. Together, we can achieve the following:

1. Finding out whether your feelings of dizziness or imbalance are secondary to a condition that is outside of conservative physical therapy treatment. Screening out whether you are considered appropriate for physical therapy or need more testing is of our utmost concern. We waste no time in getting you back to your primary care physician or your local ear, nose, and throat physician (ENT) for further testing if needed.

2. Determining if your condition can be treated conservatively through our treatment methods. Individuals diagnosed with head positional changing imbalance with or without spinning sensations lasting 20- 30 seconds, may have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which can be treated by a trained clinician successfully within 1-3 visits.1

3. Providing you the confidence to be able to navigate your home and community to resume your life on your terms. Through our partnership, you will learn how to effectively and independently manage your condition through understanding what exercises to perform to prevent reoccurrence of dizzy episodes or imbalance, and a detailed plan to ensure a return to your previous activities at the highest level possible.

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