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Would you be excited if you started living fully today?

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Aren’t you worth the investment to get the most out of life?

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We're here to guide you in using them so you can become independent and get back to life!

Why Wait and Delay Your Independence? 

Physical Therapy Treatment Plans

Initial In-Person Evaluation
Or, Video Telehealth Evaluation


60 minutes

Medicare Accepted

Evaluation Will Include: A Meet & Greet, History Taking, Physical & Movement Deficit Exam, Objective Measurements, A Clear Understanding Of The Plan Of Care, And A Tailored Home Program To Begin The Independent Management Process Towards Being Pain-Free.

Our treatments are specifically for:

In-Person Follow-Up
Therapy Treatments Or Training Sessions


60 minutes

Medicare Accepted

As Needed Follow-Up Treatment or Training Sessions At Your Preferred Meeting Location Will Be Scheduled. Consistent And Free Guidance Is Provided In Between Treatments To Ensure You Know How You Are Doing At All Times And To Ensure Follow-Through With Your Home Program. 

Average Visit Range To Attain Pain-Free Independent Management Is 5-6 Visits With Patient Complying With Home Program.

Video Telehealth Follow-Up
Therapy Treatments Or Training Sessions


45 minutes

Attain Successful Recovery or Enhancement With Guidance On Our Telehealth Platform For Your Follow-Up Therapy Treatments or Training Sessions.  

Consistent And Free Guidance Is Provided In Between Treatments To Ensure You Know How You Are Doing At All Times And To Ensure Follow-Through With Your Home Program.

Out of Area Pricing

To provide the best and highest quality in-person care for all who we serve, we unfortunately do not take Medicare patients outside of our 18-mile service distance from our contact address at 7600 Chevy Chase Dr. Suite 300 Austin, TX 78752.

We do serve out of the area, non-Medicare patients, accepting cashed-based payment with an added rate of $2.50 a mile for each mile past our service distance, round-trip. Miles are calculated based on the shortest distance observed (this includes toll routes) on Google Maps.

Example: Your location is 21 miles from our contact address, which is six extra miles round-trip and an added $15 for your visit.

What if the distance is too great for you to get help?

We direct you to seek our more affordable and effective telehealth treatments from anywhere in Texas.  Your return to pain-free independence is easily attained on your own with our guidance. Our mechanical diagnosis and therapy approach is world-renowned and tailored for assessing and treating your bodily injuries through telehealth.  This is an effective and efficient alternative to in-person visits. See the above for details, or call today to discover if telehealth would be appropriate for your condition.

Your Local Texas Physical Therapy Specialist

Serving the Central Texas Communities

  • Austin, TX
  • Cedar Park, TX
  • Pflugerville, TX
  • Leander, TX
  • Round Rock, TX
  • Georgetown, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered, give us a call!

Great Question! Here Is How We Are Different:

  1. We Are Mobile, Bringing Expert Care To Your Doorstep Or Via Telehealth, Saving You Time In Getting Ready And Travel Time To A Location. We Save You Money By Decreasing Overall Visits. Our Care Is Laser-Focused One-On-One Care For A Full 60 Minutes.  
  2. At A Brick-And-Mortar Clinic And As A Non-Medicare Patient, You May See A Therapist Or Chiropractor For Maybe 20 Minutes Before Being Handed Off To Somebody Who Is Not Qualified To Provide Care Outside Of Passive Care (Ice, E-Stim, Ultrasound, Laser). Either Way, You’re Not Learning How To Proactively Get Better To The Fullest Extent, Which Ultimately Determines When It Is Appropriate For Any Treatment To Be Stopped. Less Focused Care Equals More Visits And More Of Your Money Being Spent. Because You Were Not Thoroughly Taught How To Be Independent To Prevent Re-Injury, You Will Spend More Money In The Future On The Same Issue.
  3. Our Goal Is To Get You Back To Life As Quickly As Possible By Teaching You How To Be Independent Starting Day 1. Your Body Can Heal Itself If Given The Right Exercises And Guidance. Instead Of Fishing For You, We Teach You How To Fish.

The Short Answer Is We Do Not Submit Billing For Our Patients For Out-Of-Network Coverage. We Are A Cash-Based Practice That Is Not In-Network With Private Insurance. We Do Take Medicare (See The Next Entry).  Your Insurance Plan May Cover Out-Of-Network Providers, But You Will Have To Submit The Billing Invoice Yourself.  Reimbursement Through Your HSA And FSA Is Also Possible.  In both scenarios, Mobile Spine Specialist Will Provide The Specific Documentation That The Patient Requests To Attain The Proper Reimbursement. 

Ultimately, We Strive To Provide THE BEST CARE, Sufficient One-On-One Time, And THE BEST SERVICE In The Areas We Serve.   To Do That Requires The Necessary Time And Focus On Upholding That Standard That Would Not Be Possible If We Had To Bill Through Private Insurance. 

Our Health Care System Is Quite Frankly Backward, With Insurance Reimbursement Constantly Changing, Pitting To Provide The Most Optimal And Effective Patient Care Against Declining Compensation For Services.  This Setup Is Leading To The Practice of Prolonging Total Treatment Time Which Is Not What We Are About. 

As Part Of Our Philosophy, What You Can Always Count On From MSS Is Intent And Content In Our Treatments To Get You Better, Faster.


We do take Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Advantage PPO.

Payment will be upfront and for the full amount after each treatment.  Original medicare will reimburse  80% and Depending On Your Supplemental Plan or Medicare Advantage PPO Plan, the full or Less Than Full remaining 20% Will be Covered.  Reimbursement for the care received Will be within 30 days after your discharge from therapy.  This Streamline Process allows us to focus solely on providing THE BEST CARE and not Using Valuable Time To pursue collections from Patients.  That Time is Better Spent Focusing On You, To Get you better As Quickly as Possible. 

All the proper paperwork for Medicare Reimbursement is sent in by us and ALWAYS in a timely manner.  You Will Attain Status Updates on your Reimbursement Weekly Until We know for sure that a check is on the way.  You do not need to do anything.  Your security and our integrity are aLWAYS our top priorities.  


Texas Law Allows Patients To Have Direct Access To Qualified Physical Therapists For Evaluation And Treatment For The First 10-15 Business Days. To Continue With Mobile Spine Specialist Beyond That Will Require A Signed Referral From Your Physician.

Not Sure Which Therapy You Need?