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Neck and Thoracic Pain

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Like any new skill, discipline and practice are key. We often find that overcoming mental obstacles leads the way to the physical recovery. Let us help you get onto that right path!​

What is Encountered?

Outside of a motor vehicle accident or a traumatic event, neck and thoracic pain are usually the results of assuming bad posture positioning over the course of a prolonged period of time.1 When we do start to have pain in our head to our upper half of the back for no known reason, it can be very concerning and a common reaction is to seek out an X-ray or MRI to hopefully identify the structural reason. Over the years research has shown time and again that individuals ranging from 20-70 years of age can have abnormal findings on their imaging results for their neck but do not have any issues with pain.2,3 There are also questions on how fully accurate these measures are in identifying concerning findings.4 Wouldn’t it be great to know that the pain you are experiencing is not something to be worried about but can be treated effectively and conservatively? This can be achieved through a thorough physical therapy examination.

How Do You Benefit From Our Help?

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a methodical system of assessment and treatment that is equipped to determine several key things to get you on the right path to resolve your neck and/or thoracic pain. Together, we can achieve the following:

1) Determine that your neck or thoracic pain is not secondary to potential heart, lungs, or digestive tract issues. The chance of complications from the above reasons is less than 1% before the age of 50.5 If you are concerned that your condition is not treatable by conservative measures, we can effectively screen that out for you and get you to the right physician without delay.

2) Determine if your neck or thoracic pain can be treated conservatively and effectively through physical therapy. Our ability to correctly classify your condition in a relatively short period of time (1-3 visits) will ensure that we are taking the right actions to get you back to full recovery quickly!

3) Not sure if you have done all that you can conservatively to avoid surgery? We can help you answer that question in a fairly short period of time so that you can be confident that going through with surgery, is the right decision.

4) Through our partnership, you will learn how to effectively and independently manage your condition for life, through the thorough understanding of the effects of posture on your neck and upper back, knowing what exercises to perform to prevent reoccurrence, and a detailed plan to ensure a return to your previous activities!

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