Physical Therapy That Shortens Your Recovery Time
and Gets You Back to Life

Resolve Your Pain and Stop It From Returning

Strength, Flexibility,
and Movement Screening

Learning to take control of your life starts with taking ownership of your health.

Like any new skill, discipline and practice are key. We often find that overcoming mental obstacles leads the way to the physical recovery. Let us help you get onto that right path!​

What is Encountered?

Starting to exercise or taking it to the next level can be overwhelming without a strength, flexibility, and movement screening. There is too much information overload coming from all different directions today!

Having objective measurements to show what areas of the body need improvement to move well is the beginning.  Knowing our starting point can be the difference to attaining personal excellence in the activities that matter to us.

Through sport performance testing that measures your strength, flexibility, and movement capabilities, Mobile Spine Specialist can assist you to maximize the effort you put forth.  Whether for sport or just daily activities, we are your movement specialist!

How Do You Benefit From Our Help?

1. Postural assessment with informative objective measures: We can track improvement over time to prevent decrease wear and tear on your body.

2. Full body strength assessment with objective measures:  We locate areas that are not allowing you to reach your full potential in your athletic endeavors.

3. Fully body flexibility assessment with objective measures: We identify areas of tightness, and muscle overactivation.

4. Clear video analysis of movements of your particular sport or activity:  We help you attain maximal safety and efficiency to enhance your  movement performance.

5. Specific exercises designed to target the areas of deficit:  Using our measurements  for posture, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns, we target those areas through our custom program.   The end result is a breakthrough in your activity!

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