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About Our Team and Philosophy

Jeffrey Lum Mobile Spine Specialist in Georgetown, TX

Jeffrey Lum PT, MPT, OCS, Dip. MDT

Owner & Physical Therapist

Jeff has served as a practicing orthopedic physical therapist for over 15 years.

As a practitioner of evidence-based treatment, under his guidance, individuals are expected to learn how to be empowered, efficient, and active in self-treatment for their recovery.

It has been his privilege to have guided individuals extensively in the private outpatient and hospital sectors, treating populations involved in running, football, basketball, and hockey. Those experiences in helping individuals of all ages return to athletic excellence focused his efforts to thoroughly track progress and convey those results clearly to his patients. The goal is to provide the fastest treatment solutions to resolving patients’ musculoskeletal pains AND (more importantly) achieving pain-free independent management for life.

Jeff thoroughly understands that one cannot effectively treat what one cannot measure. His passion is to provide young and older individuals with short-term or long-standing spine pain, significant joint pain, and dizziness/balance issues a clear, defined, and measured path to recovery through patient connection and partnership.

Jeff’s education has been multi-layered with:

  • Attaining his Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Diploma (Dip. MDT) training through the globally recognized McKenzie Institute International, in partnership with the University of Dundee, The United Kingdom
  • The Dip. MDT is the highest level of competence in the theory and practice of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. He is privileged to be among the less than 500 clinicians in the world who hold that distinction.  
  • Certificate of Competency in the evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders through Duke University and the American Physical Therapy Association
  • An American Board of Physical Therapy board certification in orthopedics (OCS) that only less than 5% of physical therapists in the U.S. attain
  • Year-long training in Kaltenborn-based manual therapy through the Folsom Physical Therapy and Training Center in Folsom, California
  • Cutting-edge video gait and movement analysis training under Chris Powers of the Movement Performance Institute in Southern California


You have the tools you need. Let us be your guide.

Think of us as an extra pair of eyes and ears, assisting you and your physicians in helping to determine whether your condition can be treated safely, successfully, and conservatively. As the patient, this means helping you to avoid premature surgery, unnecessary use of imaging such as X-ray or MRI, and unneeded additional physical therapy or chiropractic visits to address your immediate issue.

Our Service is Physical Therapy

Mobile Spine Specialist is a professional, medical, mobile physical therapy practice. In our service to you, we do not pursue fitness fads or provide unnecessary treatment. Instead, there is always intent and content in what is provided toward getting you to be better, faster!

Senior receiving physical therapy

Your Health is Always Our Concern

We understand the frustration that comes when your expectations are not met for managing your condition. Our purpose is to have you return to your pre-injury, independent way of living without delay through strong partnership, clear communication, and unfailing concern for your well-being.

Your Progress is Measurable

We know how it feels to worry about your own health and being uncertain if you are doing the right things to stay healthy. A big part of that concern is not seeing measurable improvement. Are you really getting better? Objective measures such as strength, flexibility, and function will always be implemented in our in-person treatment, so you can clearly see your progress and the successful end result!

an inclinometer used in physical therapy
patient getting physical therapy to heal from injury

Success is Achieved by Being Proactive

All goals in your life are achieved with the effort you put forth, and the getting well process is no exception. Your active participation in following through with your customized plan is crucial to getting back to where you want to be. You may feel intimidated and not know where to begin. But you are not alone! We will be guiding you every step of the way to ensure your independence in life.

We are a Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Based Mobile Practice

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, MDT, or the McKenzie Method, is recognized globally as a leading treatment for back, neck, and extremity disorders.  Currently, clinicians in 49 different countries worldwide use MDT as the basis for their effective evaluations and treatments. Through cooperative partnerships with our patients, we help you determine the key actions to take for the best outcome. This will be provided in 1-3 visits through the process of methodical classification and treatment of your symptoms & underlying issues.

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